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Motave Meadows Certified Organic Farm is a a small family farm nestled in the countryside of Howell, Michigan.  We have been certified organic since 2004.  We specialize in growing organic vegetable and herb starter plants for you to grow in your own garden.  We offer many heirloom varieties of tomato plants, many of which will never be seen in a grocery store.  We love to grow organic herbs as well including basil, oregano, cilantro, sage, chives, and dill.

We initially started growing produce for farmer's markets and organic buying clubs but progressed to offering certified organic plants due to increased requests from our clients.  As the plant demand increased, we stopped growing vegetables for others and concentrated on plant production.  Once the number of plant orders surpassed what could be transported in the truck, we started having sales on the farm.  We are very passionate about helping others have their own gardens and experience how much better food is when you grow it yourself.  There is no comparison to eating a fresh tomato out of your garden opposed to eating one purchased from the grocery store. 

We hope that we can be of service to you in your garden endeavors or if you are new to gardening, we would be happy to help you be successful in your new garden.

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