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Corn has been around for over 7000 years.  There are sweet varieties for eating off the cob and dry varieties used for popcorn, flours and feed corn.  We are offering the sweet varieties for eating off the cob.  Corn needs to be planted in groups for best pollination.  Recommend at least 16 plants (4 four packs) planted in a 4 by 4 row distribution.  The plants can be planted one every six inches apart in a row that is one foot apart.


  • This augmented hybrid produces ears full of mouthwatering, plump kernels and stays sweet longer post-harvest.

    Buttery white and gold kernels are juicy and flavorful. Ears consistently have 18-20 rows of kernels and excellent tip fill. Great variety for processing and freezing. 

  • All plants are certified organic.

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